“Leavin'” is a song by American singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney, released as the lead single from McCartney’s third studio album Departure (2008). Written and produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, with additional writing by James Button and Corron Ty Cole, “Leavin'” was sent to U.S. mainstream radios on March 10, 2008.

“Leavin'” was considered a departure from Jesse’s young image, having a more adult topic and sound. Lyrically, the song sees Jesse eyeing a female’s backside with plans to steal her from her current beau. Sonically, the song is pop with an electro production style. Its music video shows the singer ogling a model for three minutes or so before slipping her the tongue at the end.

“Leavin'” remains one of McCartney’s biggest hit singles in the United States to date, receiving huge radio and mainstream play, reaching number one on the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream and the top-ten on the Billboard Hot 100, selling over 2 million digital downloads, and being certified Platinum by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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